Welcome to Andover Road Runners’ website

The group is made up of all different people with various running speeds and abilities. They all have a passion for running. Men and women – they are all friendly. Whatever you are: jogger, fun runner, plodder, runner, athlete, or elite runner – there is a place for you. If you are just trying to run, wanting to build on the efforts you have already made, or hit certain times / win races – come along and achieve your desires. You may want to get fit or lose weight – this is the group for you.

All training sessions are planned in order to help each individual progress within their own sets of goals.

Runs out on the roads and country tracks are set for Mondays and Wednesdays. These are changed each week to save the boredom of the same old run time after time. You can find them listed on pages Summer Training Schedule or Winter Training Schedule. On these pages you can click on the map number and you will see the map. The winter and summer routes differ in that in winter they are in town where there is street lighting and in summer they are in the country through the surrounding villages and fields.

Monday and Thursday training sessions start at 6.00 pm. We gather in a corner of the athletic track (by a transport container!) Come to West Portway and enter the park by the Sports Academy. Follow the road past the pavilion to a line of trees. There you will find a small entrance gate. Come in and turn left.

Monday Training

Monday training for those who go out on to the roads (Intermediates, Experienced, Advanced and Elite) starts on the track and then uses the scheduled route to carry out the type of running programmed for that date.

Monday training for Absolute Beginners and Improvers takes place on or around the running track.

Wednesday Training

Wednesday training is the time when members undertake longer runs. These are done at a good steady pace (not a plod) to build stamina and endurance. Depending upon individual goals, these runs can be lengthened to bring up the mileage needed.

There is no Wednesday training for Absolute Beginners and Improvers.

Thursday Training

Thursday training is on or around the track for all the Road Runners’ Group. This session can be quite hard work and yet is very sociable and fun to take part in.

Want to join Andover Road Runners?

Phone Jean on 01264 324626, or send her an email:  coach@andoverroadrunners.co.uk