Club Standards

Applying for a Standard


To see the Club Standards go here:

Female:  19 – 49

Female:  50 plus

Male:  19 – 49

Male:  50 plus

and find your age chart

The standards year runs from 1st September to 30th August in the following year to get your standard, if all 3 are the same colour you get that standard, if you get 1 or 2 of the higher and a lower colour you get the lower standard.


3 bronze = bronze

1 silver + 2 bronze = bronze    

2 silver + 1 bronze = bronze

You can only qualify for the award of one standard level in any one year.

Any accurately measured and certified road race can count, you are not limited to championship races or club supported races

Your time must be taken from the official race results.

To Make a Claim

Complete the Standards Claims Form HERE

You can make a claim at any time of the year but applications must be received by the first week in September.

Standards cannot be claimed retrospectively.

Only the online official Claims Form will be accepted.

How the Club Standards are Derived

These Club Standards are based on World Standard Times published by WAVA (World Association of Veteran Athletes).  The world best times are what a world champion athlete could expect to run. Figures for every age have been produced for all standard race distances. World Bests are not actually world records.

The Club Standards are calculated on a percentage basis with each world best as a starting point for each year. I have not, as yet, calculated all age bands – if your age is not included please let me know and I’ll work on it,