Running Groups

At Andover Road Runners we have various groups so that everyone can find somewhere to slot in for the training that they require. Of course, it is pretty well impossible to find any two individuals who are exactly the same standard AND want to undertake the same training. It is, therefore, necessary to compromise a bit. So find a group that best suits your ability and purpose.

Our groups are quite arbitary and flexible. Set out here is a rough outline of the levels.

Absolute Beginners / Couch to 5k

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Intermediate Runners

Based on runners who can run five miles in about 36 to 40 minutes (7.00 to 8.30 minutes per mile). Our programming includes one track session, one session of efforts on the road and one steady road session. Full instructions are given for each type of training.

Experienced Runners

Includes those who have been running for some time and have gathered both experience and strength over longer runs. Pace between individuals will vary between 6.30 – 8.30 minutes per mile and this means that although the training will be the same the members split into two or three groups.

Advanced Runners

For very fit runners who can manage hard sessions for both speed and endurance. Again the pace will vary and it is wise to link up with others who will be pushing the same limits as yourself.

Elite Runners

Very fit athletes who target the winning of races (in their age group categories or indeed the open classes)

The only way to find out which group will suit you is to come along and find out by training. It is always possible to train with different groups according to your needs at the time.

Jean is a Level 4 (Master Coach) who is always willing to discuss aims and training with individual members.