Tempo Runs

This is a great way to build speed as well as strength.During a steady run you should raise the effort level for the required time set for the training session.

This type of run helps to raise your anaerobic (lactate threshold – see below) which is essential if you wish to run faster.

Road Runners can often manage the endurance needed but not so often can they manage to sustain speed. Tempo runs will train your body to cope with speed over greater distances.

  • It is important to start the training session with the warm up around the track, stretching and drills.
  • Then begin the run with 5 – 10 minutes of easy running.
  • Follow this with the set time running about 10 seconds slower than your race pace (depends upon race goal). If you have a heart rate monitor then aim for 90% of your maximum heart rate. You will need to concentrate on your pace because this should be even throughout the time set. Think about running efficiently with a good, controlled rhythm. If you think about anything other than your running your effort will tail off.
  • Finish the run with 5 – 10 minutes easy pace.
  • Cool down and stretch on the track.

Please note that a 20 – 30 minute Tempo Run is going to take at least an hour. The training session must be structured in the way I have set out – unless you are looking for injuries, of course.

Lactate Threshold

Your anaerobic threshold is the point where lactic acid builds up in your muscles due to the inability to process it. You can delay this build up by including Tempo Runs in your training. This will improve your speed and endurance.