Spell your Run

This run will take place on the second Wednesday of the month during GMT. This is a new idea brought on by the need to keep safe from Covid. I hope you will enjoy the challenge.

You will find the word on the blog at the beginning of the week. This will enable you to sort out your route and also allow you to run at the time of your choosing and decide whether you are running from the Club or another location

Find roads in the area whose first letter matches one in the given word. You may visit each in any order. eg: RUN

R = Redon Way

U = Upper Drove

N = Newcomb Close

Photograph each road sign. Post your photos in a block on https://www.facebook.com/AndoverAC together with a report of your run. – keep it short

This run will take a little planning before you start. Work out your route carefully and you should be able to choose any distance you need. I check to make sure there are roads in Andover to meet the requirements. If you have to run elsewhere I hope it will work for you.

If there are two letters the same in the given word you have to find two roads

Roads – definition for this challenge. Any roadway with a road sign. Road, street, close, way, gardens. crescent, place, court, square, main, lane – you get the idea.

You may begin your run from the Club or from a point of your choosing at any time convenient to you.

Can’t manage all of this particular challenge? We still want to see what you have done.

COVID – Please follow regulations prevailing at the time.