Time Trial

The Time Trial is a monthly run for all Road Runners. It is NOT a race against others in the group. Each runner needs to build and sustain a pace suited to his/her own ability and aims. Running with another will result in too slow a pace which will mean the session will not have been of any use to you, or too fast which will lead to burn out before finishing the distance.

Always record your results and comments in your log so that you can compare month by month. You will not always have a faster run or you will be beating the 2 hr barrier for the marathon 🙂 You will, however , get to a good speed – or know the reason why.

Please upload your result to Strava. There you will see your result alongside other Club members

There are two routes for the Time Trial: Summer and Winter. The maps are listed on the running schedules


Whilst restrictions last please follow all government guidelines. For the time being you may choose your own 5 mile route and the time of day that you do it.